Women Targeted Android Workshop in Nepal


Women Tech Makers(WTM) is a specified program brought out by Google mainly targeting the women to prosper in the field of technology. This team has convened several global events across 52 different countries. As a part of these events, Google I/O Extended event along with Android Workshop in Nepal is being organized in Kathmandu, Nepal, WTM being the main organizer. Along with WTM, Karkhana is joining hands with its #MakerKT workshop for all women around Nepal.

The event will be mainly focused on giving the information about the yearly program of Google I/O and will provide the recap session. Besides, the participants will be given the basic concept on Android app development and lead them to the further development to the Android Applications.

Women Targeted Android Workshop in Nepal

WTM Android workshop 2016

This event is mainly sponsored by Google and co-sponsored by GDG Kathmandu and Agni Moto Inc Pvt. Ltd. This program will be facilitated by Women Leaders in Technology (WLiT). The event will be held on 7th and 9th July 2016 at Karkhana from 11 am to 4pm. Organizers have expected higher participation of women than the events held in the past. We think this is the first non-tech Women Targeted Android Workshop in Nepal.

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