Sumaiya Zafrin Chowdhury


Sumaiya Zafrin Chowdhury, a medical professional, is one of the most renowned woman entrepreneur in Bangladesh working for Women Entrepreneurship, Women Opportunities, Women Innovation, Women Health & Tech Education and digitalization of underprivileged slum women.

Sumaiya Zafrin Chowdhury

Sumaiya Zafrin Chowdhury

She has tremendous contribution for last 6 years in different voluntary works. She has working experience in different national & international organizations. Currently, she is the Education Director of Human Aid Bangladesh and Communication Director of Sadhinota Blood Transfusion Centre. Human Aid Bangladesh is a non-profit youth lead volunteer organization. Talking about the day Human Aid Bangladesh (HAB) with the theme of “United to work for humanity” is an youth based social, non-profitable, non-political organization worked for underprivileged people of Bangladesh since 2009. HAB is the organization that wants to make a sustainable change in health and education sector for the underprivileged people, mainly the women and child. It is trying with all the heart and soul to improve maternal and child health, reduce maternal mortality rate & infant mortality rate. It works to educate the women & empower them. In recent days, it is working for the slum children as well as slum people.

Sumaiya Zafrin Chowdhury is also the moderator of Dinajpur Local Guides. Local Guides is a global community of explorers sharing their discoveries on Google Maps. She was selected for first Google Local Guides summit organized by Google at  San Francisco, USA last year.

Also, she has been involved in many events as an organizer and speaker and she hopes to expand her activities, and support more women in the future. She is an inspiration for all those women trying their hard to come forward into mainstream entrepreneurship.

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