Smartphones with Android 6.0 Marshmallow in Nepal


After a giant leap of Android Lollipop in the world of Android OS, Google recently released Android Marshmallow. Marshmallow has proved itself to be more efficient and is hitting the phones worldwide already. Though the working technique in not much different comparing to the Lollipop, but the change in UI has certainly made its demands rise. Firstly, everything you see in the new OS looks awesome. The interface looks smooth, the animations look sleek and the icons are beautiful. Besides, the battery draining has been minimized to a certain extent. Fingerprint security has been put to the primary focus. Talking about Nepal, we have listed out following smartphones with Android 6.0 Marshmallow in Nepal.


Android One:

Can you imagine a low budget phone of nearly Rs. 7500 getting the latest Marshmallow? Talking about Android One, this gets to be real. Android One phones, which were originally released with the Kitkat OS (4.4.4) stepped up to Lollipop update and then to the Marshmallow update along with android security patches. This phone is available with full Nepali language support if you are thinking to use it in your native language.


The phones later than Nexus 4 got the marshmallow update and Nexus 6p along with Nexus 5X were released with the originally in-built Marshmallow OS.

The phones later than Nexus 4 got the marshmallow update and Nexus 6p along with Nexus 5X were released with the originally in-built Marshmallow OS.


The 2nd generation Motorola phones and all those released afterward have got the Marshmallow update.-Moto G (2nd generation/3rd Generation)-Moto G4+ and G4 (Released with built in Marshmallow)

-Moto G Turbo Edition

-Moto X (2nd generation, Play, Pure Edition, Style)

-Moto X-Force (Shatterproof smartphone)

One Plus:

One Plus phones were originally released with the Cyanogens Mod. Later they started getting released with Oxygen OS (Custom Android ROM). After the recent update in Android OS, the following One Plus phones have got Android Marshmallow.-One Plus One (Via Cyanogen mod version 13)-One Plus Two (Oxygen OS, Marshmallow based, version 3.0.2)

-One Plus X

-One Plus Three (Built in Marshmallow)


MI phones recently are building their own huge wave in the market of smartphones. They have their own custom MIUI. In the context of Nepal, MI has got an overwhelmingly positive response from the customers within a short period.-MI 3-MI 4 (4i, 4c, 4s)

-MI 5

-MI Redmi Note 3

-MI Redmi Note (2, Pro, Prime)

-MI Redmi 2

-MI Max (Built-in Marshmallow)


Huawei has been gaining the momentum in the Android market with its distinct UI called the Emotional UI.-Huawei Mate (S,7)-Huawei P8 (Youth edition Max)

-Huawei Honor (4C,  4X, 6, 6+, 7, 7i)

-Huawei G7, G7+

-Huawei GR5 (Nepali language support)


Lenovo K3 Note-Lenovo K4 Note-Lenovo Vibe (p1, S1, X3)

-Lenovo A700, A700+


LG G4, G3-LG Pad X-LG G Pad X

-LG v10


Sony Xperia Z5 (compact, premium)-Sony Xperia Z4, Z2, M5, M4, C5, C4


Samsung has been the leading brand in Nepal since the beginning of hype of smartphones. It is the most relied upon brand in Nepal. But looking at the current scenario, other brands are starting to replace Samsung.-Samsung Galaxy S5  (Neo)-Samsung Galaxy S6 (Edge, Edge+)

-Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Note 5

-Samsung Galaxy S7

-Samsung Galaxy J5, J7 2015

The 2016 Samsung models like Samsung S7, J7, J6 came with preloaded Marshmallow.

Though recently, the newest version of Android OS, Android Nougat has been announced, it has not been officially released to the phones yet. So in the current scenario, rolling out of Marshmallow seems to be the latest event in the Android OS community. If we’ve missed out your phone on the list or if you feel any information to be incorrect, feel free to list it out in the comments section.

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  • Sujata Kafle

    Hello Abhishek!
    Thank you for listing phones with Android Marshmallow in Nepal. I carry Samsung Galaxy J7 and I didn’t see my phone in the list. Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 has Android 6.0.1 so will my J7 2015 model get Android Marshmallow?

    • Hello Sujata!
      Thank you for your comment, we have mentioned that 2016 models of J7 came with preloaded marshmallow.
      As far as we know, the 2015 model of Samsung Galaxy J7 model has 50 percent chances to get the marshmallow update. However, there has not been an official announcement for it yet. We’ll let you know as soon as we get the information.
      Thank You!