Riveting Paradox


Your yes, looks like a yes,
Means yes, but sometimes No.
Or a no, may seem two lettered,
But senses that three lettered though

You talk, you laugh
You keep smashing my face with those letters
You laugh, I laugh with you
You laugh, you don’t want me to.
You cry, you want me to cry with you
You cry, you don’t want me to.
You tell a rock, you mean a mountain.
You speak a ton, you mean a grain.

You speak a novel, I reply you a word.
I throw flowers at you, I get a sword.
But I still love that sword,
Than the bunch of flowers.
You kill a snake, you save my life.
I kill a snake, I’m a murderer.

But I’d admit you a life saver,
And myself a murderer.
Your acidulous words,
No they dont pierce me.
Your anger,
No, that doesn’t angry me.
Your silence,
Yes, that’s the thing that shatters me.
And your absence?  Yeah. That sucks.
I’ll never be unpleased by you,
‘Cause you’re my riveting paradox.


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