Rabindra Mishra turns to politics, what next?


Rabindra Mishra, the head of BBC Nepali service, has resigned from the post today telling his further plan with the involvement in direct politics. Though he has not revealed anything about the new political structure, he has told that he will be forming something new to transform the current phase of the nation.

Rabindra mishra turns to politics

This decision has brought a kind of different wave to the Nepalese media and the people. There are a group of people saying this was absolutely necessary, and who believe he can bring about changes. There are other group of people who believe that Rabindra will mess up everything and eventually lose every reputation and nobility that he has received until now. Well, for that, all we can do is, wait and watch.

To look closely, this leap is quite a big risk for a person like him. His achievement till now can crash down to a level of a ‘dirty politician’ if he fails here. That could be a quite miserable thing to happen. So if he’s taking the risk, he might be thinking something big, something great, isn’t it? A thoughtful and well established person cannot take such a big leap all in vain. Also, there have been rumors about some of the high-profiled people in his group. Does this bring up the tense that this will turn into the group of elites willing to control the nation the way they like? For now, everything is possible.

Another big thing that this step has added is, how are the ‘Naya Shakti’ and ‘BibekSheel Nepali’ going to react to this. Naya Shakti seems to have already drowned the expectations. BibekSheel Nepali is performing quite well till now and gaining much momentum. Will this new Rabindra Mishra thing divide down their popularity? Or will they ultimately work together as they seem to be of the same ideology?

Personally, I’ve noticed a lot of famous frustrated faces that are loved by people. Be it Dr. Govinda K.C. or the ultimate Maha Jodi, they have given the hints of taking chances on politics. Somewhere in my imaginations, I wish these all faces come together along with BibekSheel Nepali and form the biggest power shift in Nepal, which is absolutely possible. If this power shift gets real and they stand firm on their words, the words of Rabindra Mishra can come true, “Transforming Nepal within our Lifetime.”

For now, Good luck Rabindra Sir. I hope you turn this spark into the flame that will lighten up our nation.


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