Murderer!! :Kace and Judy


Chapter 3

Kace and Judy

I lived my whole childhood with Kace and Judy. We were best buddies. We used to sing Beautiful Girls by Sean Kingston, Kace and me. Judy was more into rock. We used to watch Spider-Man, all three of them on repeat. We watched Superman returns in the cinema. Judy had to wear pink skirt that she complained about every two minutes. Her grandma’s wish. We used to play Call of duty, Assassin’s Creed, Portal, I remember all of those stupid games I was so bad at. Judy would scold me all the time for the mistakes in the game, trying to teach me. But God, we were happy then.

Everything went so normal. It was not until Judy had an accident. Kace and I didn’t talk for about 6 months. Whenever I saw him, I would remember Judy. I feel it was same for him. Avoiding each other in every corner. It wasn’t easy when we were in same school, same classroom. I even tried to make new friends.  But then, we decided forgetting Judy wasn’t what we were supposed to do. We loved her, every moment that was spent with her were precious and joyous. We decided to revive her, keep her with us, even if it is in our memories. It was Kace who came to me with this notion. I was more than happy with this decision.


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