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Microsoft- Innovation- center

Microsoft Innovation center (MIC) Nepal  is one of the active Tech community of Microsoft. It is located  in Khichapokhari, New Road. Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC) Nepal provides students, customers and partners with a comprehensive set of  leadership programs and services. The goal of these centers is to foster innovation and growth in local software economies.

In Nepal, Microsoft Innovation Center provides access to world-class resources for students, software developers, IT professionals, academic researchers and entrepreneurs.

Primary areas of focus of Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC):
– Building skills and intellectual capital th Nepal includes:rough training courses, employment programs and mentoring experiences.
– Fostering industry partnerships through programs on how to work successfully with Microsoft, as well as through the cultivation of local and regional industry alliances.
– Increasing innovation at the local through hands-on engagements, such as labs geared towards the interests of ISVs, startups, partners, students, entrepreneurs

Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal partners with local government, academic institutions, industry organizations and software vendors with the ultimate goal of fueling long-term economic growth in the IT industry.

MIC Director:
Allen Bailochan Tuladhar
Email: b-altula@microsoft.com

MIC Manager:
Junu Thapa
Email: b-juthap@microsoft.com

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