Mardi Trek: An enthralling trekking experience


mardi trek

Mardi Trek Nepal

Mardi trek Nepal is a newly opened trekking route in Annapurna region that is highly gaining popularity. It is comparatively a short trek with majestic experiences and views. The trek gets along the ways along the mighty mountains Mt. Machhapuchhre (6993m), Mt. Annapurna (8091m) and Mardi Himal (5587m) itself. We can also have the amazing views of Dhaulagiri and Manaslu ranges. It is a best trek to experience the snow capped mountains all around and the mountainous lifestyle of Nepal itself.
mardi trek

Mardi Trek Route

The Mardi trek can be completed through several routes. The best route is considered to be starting from Kande which is few kilometres away from Pokhara. You can travel to Kande in about 2 hours from Pokhara. The trek starts from Kande going through Australian camp, Deurali, Forest camp, and High camp.

mardi trek

Australian Camp

The trek from Kande to Deurali is pretty easy and filled with lots of travellers. However, from Deurali to forest camp, the trail gets quite silent and goes through very dense forest. There are no shops or any hotels in between. You can feel yourself totally lost into the wild. From forest camp to high camp, the trek goes through forests upto Badal Daanda. From Badal Daanda, all kinds of forests clear up and you’ll walk along the ridges with mountains all around you. There are rhododendron forests all over which could lighten up the trek if you go on the correct season.

mardi trek

Low Camp

mardi trek

mardi trek

Badal Daanda to High camp


Mardi trek itinerary:

Day 1: Kathmandu to Pokhara (Drive)
Day 2: Pokhara-Kande (2 hours drive)
———-Kande to Australian Camp (trek)(1.5 hours)
———-Australian Camp to Pitam Deurali(2 hours)
———-Pitam Deurali to Forest Camp(5 hours)
Day 3: Forest Camp to Low camp (2 hours)
———-Low Camp to Badal Daanda (2 hours)
———-Badal Daanda to High Camp (3 hours)
Day 4: Trek to View point and Base camp
———-Return to High Camp
Day 5: High Camp to Sidhing (7 hours)
Day 6: Sidhing to Pokhara (Drive)
Day 7: Return to Kathmandu (Drive)

mardi trek

High Camp

 Mardi Trek Cost:

The trekking costs differ according to different trekking agencies. However, this trek can be done all by oneself as well. To do so, it is not much costly. As we go up to the mountains, the price of food increases. In forest camp, a plate of plain rice normally costs Rs. 350. The price rises up to Rs. 400 in High camp. The accommodation for a single person costs Rs. 100 for a bed normally if you’re looking for a common accommodation. The price of a cup of tea rises upto Rs. 50 and mineral water might rise upto Rs. 100. You can plan your costs accordingly.

mardi trek


 Mardi trek difficulty:

Mardi trek is considered to be moderately difficult. The paths are well distinguished with symbols all the way. The trek from Baadal Daada to High Camp needs to be careful as you have to walk through the ridges. The route might get slippery if it rains. The trek from High camp to viewpoint is comparatively more difficult as you have to walk through steep stone trails.
mardi trek

Mardi Trek weather:

The best weather for trekking in Nepal is considered to be September-October. However, you can enjoy this trek in all seasons. The rainy season is considered the least favourable time to go trekking as the trail is slippery and the route is filled with leeches. Winter has very clear views but the weather is too much cold and the passes might also get closed due to heavy snow.


mardi trek

mardi trek

mardi trek

mardi trek

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  • Fabrice Moreau

    Thank you for this independent trek report, really rare on the Mardi Himal BC trek.

    Food and accommodations are probably billed higher for a western independent trekker, but it’s an interesting base.

    When did you get these prices?


    • The prices are reported from the visit on June 2017. Thank you! 🙂

  • RVP

    Ali badi photo halna paryo! Herda kheri ta ramailo trek vako jasto lagyo Abhishek Pandey.