Kalinchowk trek: Short and majestic trek


Kalinchowk Trek is considered one of the most popular and best trek near Kathmandu valley. The trek starts and ends in Dolakha district. The end point of this trek is the temple of Kalinchowk Bhagwati, which is at a very important location, on both natural and religious ways. This place is amazing to witness snow. It generally snows heavily from February to April every year, whereas the amazing views of mountains all around can be witnessed every time of the year.

Kalinchowk trek

Kalinchowk Bhagwati












Kalinchowk Trek Route

The major trekking starts from Charikot, Dolakha. You can take a bus upto Charikot from Old Buspark in Kathmandu. It takes around 6 hours to reach Charikot from Kathamandu. You can stay overnight at Charikot or you can also go to Dolakha bazar which is around 10 kilometers from Charikot. Dolakha bazar is famous for Dolakha Bhimsen temple.

To get to Kalinchowk, you have to start your trek early. There is a motorable road upto Kuri from Charikot, but of course you’d love to get walking through some wilderness. So you can stay off the motorable road and walk through the pine forest enjoying the sound of the silence. There are electric poles all over the route, so whenever you feel confused about the route, you can just follow the poles. There are little villages till Deurali. But after Deurali, the trek gets away from every sort of human settlements.

kalinchowk trek

A Yak posing for the shot

After 6-7 hours of walk from Charikot, you can reach Kuri which is at the base of the Kalinchowk temple. There are pretty well managed lodges all over the village. After overnight stay at Kuri, you can start your hike for Kalinchowk next day. The peak of Kalinchowk can be reached after around 2 hours of hike from Kuri. From there, you can have absolutely breathtaking panaromic view of the mountains all around. The downhill trek upto Charikot can be completed on the same day. Next day, you can come back to Kathmandu.

kalinchowk trek

Kuri Village


Kalinchowk Trek Itinerary:

Day 1: Kathmandu to Charikot/Dolakha (drive)
Day 2: Charikot to Kuri (6 hours)
Day 3: Kuri to Kalinchowk (2 hours)
———-Kalinchowk to Charikot (5-6 hours)
Day 4 :Charikot to Kathmandu(Drive)

kalinchowk trek

Kuri Village (Source: Sangharsha Dhital)

Kalinchowk Trek Cost:

As this trek is very short, it is really inexpensive. The lodging and fooding rates at Charikot are normal as in Kathmandu. The cost for food at Kuri might get high upto Rs. 300-400. Lodging is charged per single person. Each bed costs around Rs. 100 to Rs. 200. However, these prices are for internal Nepalese tourists, they might get a bit higher for international tourists. But there won’t be much difference.


kalinchowk trek


kalinchowk trek

Himalayan Sunrise

kalinchowk trek


kalinchowk trek

The golden hour

kalinchowk trek

Mountains and the infinity

kalinchowk trek

Incoming: clouds

kalinchowk trek


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