INFOSEC NEPAL – Information Security Response Team Nepal


A group of Nepali Information Security experts has established “INFOSEC NEPAL – Information Security Response Team Nepal”  that will counter risks in the cyberspace.

To address the Computer Security Concerns of Nepalese Internet users and minimize the probability of successful attacks and the risk of consequential damage

Information Security Response Team Nepal works closely with law enforcement agencies such as the Nepal Police, Department of IT, Bankers, ICT Council, ISP, CAN Federation, ICT Association of Nepal, Computer Security incident responses teams and various computer security initiatives Worldwide. Information Security Response Team Nepal was formed on January 21, 2016, and started its full operation on 1st September 2016. The Infosec team aims at helping individuals and institutions in cyber security by providing immediate assistance. “Their aim is to provide immediate assistance in case of security breaches and make the end users concerned aware about the challenges,” Infosec Nepal Chairman Mr. Chiranjibi Adhikari said.

Infosec Nepal conducted public Cyber awareness program across the country. The program was held in coordination with stakeholders and government agencies concerned Infosec Nepal will constantly keep updated about new issues and challenges through similar other institutions working in foreign countries. If the institution fails to counter problems reported to them, it will refer the case to such institutions abroad.

Who are the in the Team?

Founder / President:

  • Cheeranjivi Adhikari


  • Kumar Pudasaini
  • Sudip Sharma
  • Narayan Chhetri
  • Niranjan Khakurel
  • Sovita Dahal
  • Rabin Subedi
  • Dilli Pd. Sharma
  • Netra Paudel
  • Arjun Adhikari
  • Ram Kirshna Dahal

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