Hike to Chitlang- Best Hiking nearby Kathmandu


Chitlang is enriched with natural beauty. Hike to Chitlang can be a beautiful experience for those seeking peace and refreshment at the time. There is vehicle route as well as hiking track for those who prefer walking. The major route for Chitlang starts from Thankot, Kathmandu.  You can prefer vehicle road for an easy walk but if you are really adventurous, select the old porter tracks.

hike to chitlang

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If your hike period is in between the end of summer and start of the spring, then you will have the opportunity to pass through woods lit with rhododendrons. After a walk of average 4 -5 hours, one can reach Chitlang.

Chitlang has its beauty nourished by temples with amazing wood sculptures, stone carved taps, artistic rest houses and inscription of centuries back period.They are also the proof of civilized Nepali society standing out there since a long time before.

hike to chitlang

Pear Garden

Chitlang is surrounded by beautiful green forest, which consists of more than 160 species of birds and animals. Chitlang is also famous for the garden of pear. The special pear wine is the specialty of this place. It offers an amazing experience to be in touch with the combination of natural beauty and cultural heritages. It is also famous as the gateway of motor cars carried on the back of people towards valley dating back to the history of times when vehicles were first introduced in Kathmandu. Chitlang offers visitors with an opportunity of village home stay where you can interact and get an insight of the rural life in Nepal.They make you feel as you are in your own home. You can have a taste of Newari food as well and for sure campfire. You can also stay at the Chitlang Organic Village resort which has traditional rooms for you. Camping and cycling here provide you an opportunity of getting closer to the fresh ecology in the locality.

Chitlang nepal

The hills of Chitlang offer one of the best hiking/trekking around Kathmandu. The hike route from chitlang to Markhu is a safe and joyful pathway. Passing through the pine forest, the trip gives you an awesome feeling of satisfaction. The largest man-made lake of Nepal, Kulekhani (also known as Indrasarovar) is a short walk of 40 minutes from Chitlang. On the way, there is a place called Bhedikhor where you can spend certain time with sheep as well. Indrasarowar gives you the pleasure of boating as well.

You can get a vehicle from there or you can hike back. Hike to Chitlang can be one of the best nearby hiking experience around Kathmandu valley to refresh yourself from all the stress that you’ve been carrying.

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