Forbes List Asia’s Most Influential Nepalese Youths


Five Nepalese youths have been listed as Asia’s most influential Youths. They have been listed under the group below 30 years of age.  Forbes has listed altogether 30 hundred youths under 10 categories including 30 youths per category where we can see the names of 5 Nepalese youths.


Asia’s most influential five Nepalese youths as listed by Forbes:


Rabi Kumar: Code for Nepal

Rabi Kumar is from Janakpur, Nepal. He is currently working as the chief Digital Strategist in Work Bank, Washington D.C.  Rabi Kumar and his wife together founded Code for Nepal which aims to provide all the statistics of Nepal through NepalMap.Org. Besides this, he has helped to rebuild 25 schools from different inaccessible regions of Nepal.

Ashish Acharya & Sabin Bhandari: Whitespace

Ashish and Sabin were the first to launch an online store in Nepal called Threadpaints. These two guys had planned to be first to launch an online store in Nepal since 2012 i.e. during their college life. Threadpaints started their journey wich local designed Tshirts and now they are popular for Tshirts, Bags, Shoes, Pants, Watches, etc. Threadpaints had launched a campaign in Nepal named Tshirt for Relief to collect funds for the earthquake victims of Nepal in 2072.

Surya Karki: Diyalo Foundation

Surya Karki currently reading in Beijing is the co-founder of Diyalo Foundation. Diyalo Foundation aims to provide free education to the children from inaccessible villages of Nepal. Also, they are providing sustainable energy and agriculture services to the peoples of inaccessible regions of Nepal.

Prabhat Yadav: Explore Gadgets

Explore Gadgets, located in Kathmandu is the most popular Youtube channel in Nepal. They post videos related to Technology and  Gadgets, etc. and have 3.6 lakhs subscribers till now. Explore Gadgets is the first Youtube channel in Nepal to get Silver Play Button award getting one lakh subscribes. Currently, they have 3.6 lakhs subscribers.

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