Food Culture in Nepal



Our culture and food are bound together. Our food represents our culture and our culture represents our food. The way we cook, the way we eat and our preferences of spices define who we are. Our food is our identity. That is why trying a food is a great way to experience the culture first handed. Food culture refers to the practices, attitudes, and beliefs as well as the networks and institutions surrounding the production, distribution, and consumption of food. Food culture in Nepal includes a diverse variety of practices.

In Nepal, the diversity in the topographical features and diversity in the culture has resulted in different food each culture specializes. The Newa community offers chatmari, the Thakali offers dhindo thali, and the list goes on. Nepal has its fair share of different varieties of food that can make you feel like staying here just for the sake of the food. There is everything from spiced up food that electrifies your tongue, to the warm and softly boiled food that heats your soul ever so lightly. Each culture respects the food of another culture and I feel that is what ties us together. The sharing of food is another fashion to connect with other people and strengthen the friendship. Sharing food is also an approach to showcase own culture and preserve it outside of your culture.

The youths who go abroad for studies and build up the career miss their family and friends. Then, they started cooking the food of their homeland in the style of their dear ones. Cooking and eating a food from the homeland is a great way to show the feeling of nostalgia.

What we eat defines who we are. For this reason, we should preserve our food in order to protect our culture. And as always, sharing is caring. Never forget to share your taste with your friends.

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