Election Nepal Portal – Startup with Data related to Nepal’s Local Election


Open Knowledge Nepal and Code for Nepal released the first Beta version of Election Nepal portal. Election Nepal is a crowdsourced open portal that brings all kind of Data related to Nepal’s Local Election together in Open and Visual Format. Those accumulated data can be easily reused in future for various purposes. Portal will consist interactive visualization and infographics, which will help both national and international parties to get to know about the federal-state division and the status during the local election. Volunteers and contributors of Election Nepal project will search, scrap, analyze and visualize various forms of data accumulated in the election which is due on 31st of Baisakh, 2074 (14th May, 2017).

The portal will be focusing on three different areas, such as visualization, datasets, and Twitter feed. Visualization will consist different kinds of visualization which can be easily understood and free to share, reuse and embed. Datasets will consist data published by different government source regarding the election in an open format and Twitter feed will bring social buzz happening at social media regarding local elections.

Currently, Election Commission Nepal is working at utmost speed in the preparation of Local Election which is going to be held in 31st of Baisakh, 2074 (14th May, 2017). Political Parties, National and International organization, Media House, Foreign countries, Funders etc are supporting them rigorously. Every citizen of Nepal is fully excited and concerned about this Election because of the urgency of development and people’s participation at the local level. Many believe that the results of the election will play huge roles in future development planning. Needless to say, political parties are driven to influence people extremely.

With the help of this Election Nepal project, we are anticipated to reduce a bunch of obstacles which is a notorious issue faced by Nepal Government and common people. The publications published by the government are most of the time not general people friendly therefore the aim of this project is to disseminate the important information to the right audience through the different visual format.

Aims of Election Nepal 

  • To help national and international citizens understand how Local Election at Nepal is held by representing data in a simpler visual format in an understandable approach.
  • To help citizens of Nepal understand how current States(Pradesh) structure are divided and how many local bodies are there in their districts.
  • Bring the facts about Local election in-front of citizen and help them choose right leaders who can lead their community.
  • Analyze and Visualize different kinds of pre-Local Election Data and publish it into the different local newspaper to help citizens to understand what it really means.
  • Extract, Collect and Publish data related to Local Election in Open Format (CSV) which can be reusable and redeveloped in different ways.
  • Visualization with sharing and embedding features, Individuals or agencies can use in their platforms.
  • Give open access to project Application Program Interface (API) by publishing it on GitHub and let others manipulate to get something useful.
  • To increase citizens’ participation in Local Election.
  • To track and make a public leader more Transparent and Accountable during the time of election and throughout the campaign.
  • Bring all kinds of data and facts related to Local Election under one domain for easy accessibility.


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