Food in Nepal: Buff Phingsha with Ting-Mo


Buff Phingsha with Ting-Mo

The Tibetan culture has influenced Nepal as much as they have influenced themselves. The change in the culture can be seen in the difference in food culture. As I have said earlier, food is the great way to exchange the culture. Since we, people in Nepal have diversity in culture, trying different food has also been part of us. I got to taste Phingsha and Ting-Mo which gave me a little more glimpse of Tibetan Cuisine.

Phingsha and Ting-Mo is very popular Tibetan Cuisine. Ting-Mo is a steamed, porous bread. It is to be dipped into the broth and soup. The good Ting-Mo is separable easily and has visually seen layers. It is made with the help of flour, sugar, salt, yeast and oil as an ingredients. Phingsha can be of potatoes or meat. I had Buff Phingsha. It consists of rice noodles, mushroom, buff, and different spices.

Buff Phingsha with Ting-Mo

My experience:

I liked the taste very much. The rice noodle was translucent and I had fun savoring the slippery texture. It felt like both my sense of taste and sense of touch was activated. The vegetables were also tasty and I felt I would be very healthy person if I get habit of eating food like this everyday. Maybe the chef was amazing or maybe the recipe was written by Gaustav himself or Remy of Ratatouille cooked it himself or maybe it was work of the Chinese spices. I liked what I was eating.

We dipped the bread in the hot broth and the taste of the bread was something entirely different. With the spongy texture and the addition of the broth’s taste, I fell in love with the food immediately. And it is bad, considering I don’t have a job and the list of my favorite food is already long.

I had tired Buff Phingsha and Ting-Mo some days ago. Still, I have the vivid remembrance of the food in my mind. I can’t get it out of my head, the only way to feel more relaxed is to share the experience with people. I have been in the fan club of laphing since I tried it for the first time. Since then, occasionally, I try Tibetan cuisine to discover different taste.


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