Ama Yangri :Where Something Incredible Was Waiting To be Known


It all started with conversations with friends.One of us wanted to climb every mountain there is. Another wanted to wander and get lost. Some wanted to gaze at the sky full of stars. We all had different reasons but all of it led to one destination; Ama Yangri where something incredible was waiting to be known.

The morning of January 3rd, 2018 started with lots of enthusiasm as we, a group of seven friends made our way to Ama Yangri. We had planned our trekking to be of three days. On the first day, we caught a bus from Chuchhepati, Chabahil. The bus departs at 5:40 in the morning. If you are going to be a minute late, you are going to miss it. The bus is known as super Helambu Express and it does total justice to the name.

The super bus is going to take you out of the valley in like ten minutes. The last stop of that bus is Timbu.The bus only stops at two places; one for a bathroom break and the other for lunch. You will reach Timbu in about four hours if everything goes polished. You can take another bus from there to Tarkeyghyang. We decided to trek. It was five hours trek from Timbu to Tarkeyghyang.

Tarkeyghyang is a small village at the base of Ama Yangri. If five hours sounds too long, don’t worry. I assure you that you are going to enjoy every single step you take. The crumbling of leaves under your feet, that crisp blow of wind in your face, the ballad of the birds, the clatter of the river will make you not want to finish the journey. We were a group of close friends, yet very few of us spoke during the trek. Not because we didn’t have anything to say but because the sound of the silence was worth listening to.

We reached Tarkeyghyang at Five PM. It was getting cold and we had to find a place. That was not at all difficult. You will find plenty of hotels as soon as you set your foot to Tarkeyghyang. We stayed at a really nice hotel named Hotel Ama Yangri Peak.It was so cold that all the still water bodies were frozen. We took two rooms which were comfortable and clean. we then enjoyed a nice cup of tea. After a long and cold trek, it felt like Ambrosia. We were lucky enough to catch glimpse of the setting sun while enjoying our tea. It was like the mountains were on fire, like the golden halo on an angel’s head and this was only a beginning.

Next day started a little late than planned. No one wanted to leave nice, warm beds but again we had a mountain to conquer. We left all our bags at the hotel and carried only what was important like medicines, chocolates, dry fruits, camera, and lots of water. There is only one place to refill the bottles and that is not easily visible. It was now the actual trek begins.

It took us four hours to reach the top. and we had started trekking from 7 AM in the morning. The initial hours were cold and everything from waterfalls to leaves was frozen. The road was good. The last two hours were somewhat challenging as it was an almost vertical trek with massive stones and huge steps. We had to take a break after every ten steps. It is highly recommended that you take an abundance of rest and drink plenty of water to keep from altitude sickness. Chocolates, glucose and dry fruits will also help a lot.

After what seemed like days and days of painful steps, we reached a point where every aching muscle, every elated breath was worth it. The snow-capped mountains so beautiful that I will fall short of words describing it. The mountains were there standing proud and tall and waiting for us to be discovered. The chirping of the birds at that moment felt like they were welcoming us to visit their realm.

We took few deep breaths, watched the exhibit without blinking, afraid that if we did, we will miss something fascinating. Then, with new vigor and new courage, we started walking again, towards the peak.

We reached the peak at about 11 AM. The mountain range stretched from horizon to horizon. Nothing but silver mountains, nothing but heaven.

Ama Yangri Itinerary:

Date: 03/01/2018-06/01/2018

Day 1: catch a bus from Chucchepati at 5:40 AM. Reach to Tarkeyghyang.

Day 2: Trek to Ama Yangri Peak.

Day 3: Return back to Timbu by foot or bus. Return back to Kathmandu.

Ama Yangri Cost:

Bus Fare: Rps 265 per person.

Lunch at Timbu: Rps 120 for Vegetarian meal.

Room at Hotel Ama Yangri Peak: Rps 500 per room per day.

Lunch at Hotel: Rps 250 for a vegetarian meal.

NOTE: The cost increases for additional food items.

Ama Yangri Trek Difficulty:

It can be considered of intermediate level. Few people might get altitude sickness.

Important Things to Keep In Mind:

  1. Make sure your trekking bag is not very heavy. Pack only useful items.
  2. Take all the medicines that you might require.
  3. Make sure to trek in very comfortable shoes.
  4. Carry plenty of water.
  5. Take rest on the way. Do not hurry.

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